Welcome to the Brazilian Zouk Amsterdam (BZA) - Dance School!
Our goal is to help building the Zouk Scene in and around Amsterdam by teaching weekly classes and organizing social dancing, workshops and other fun activities.

What is Brazilian Zouk?

Brazilian zouk is known for its flowing, expressive and sensual movements. The dance is about leading and following. Trust and connection between the dancers is important. Characteristics of the dance are the back bends (cambrés) and the hair of the lady that sways through the air, elongating each movement. People from every cultural background, age or level of dance experience dance Brazilian zouk.  The level can be adapted to every student in order to make the person feel comfortable and free. Brazilian zouk makes you find your own beauty as a dancer. Read more

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Sunday classes

Every Sunday we have our zouk classes 4-9pm (4 levels). New courses will be starting on April 23rd, but If you have some zouk experience already you can always come for a free try-out. For beginners we have a beginner bootcamp on April 22nd.
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Important Dates

Mar 10-12   
Brazilian Dance Festival  FBevent
Apr 22        
Beginner Bootcamp  FBevent
Apr 23        
START BZA Zouk Courses  FBevent
Jun 30   
ZoukLand in Portugal FBevent
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