Welcome to the Brazilian Zouk Amsterdam Dance School!
Our goal is to help building the Zouk Scene in and around Amsterdam by teaching weekly classes and organizing social dancing, workshops and other fun activities.

What is Brazilian Zouk?

Brazilian zouk is known for its flowing, expressive and sensual movements. The dance is about leading and following. Trust and connection between the dancers is important. Characteristics of the dance are the back bends (cambrés) and the hair of the lady that sways through the air, elongating each movement. People from every cultural background, age or level of dance experience dance Brazilian zouk.  The level can be adapted to every student in order to make the person feel comfortable and free. Brazilian zouk makes you find your own beauty as a dancer. Read more

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Sunday classes

The current zouk courses started on October 2nd and will last until December 11th. If you are interested to join the classes or do a try-out please contact us for more information!
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Important Dates

October 16             
BZA Sunday Zouk Social  
November 12         
Zouk at the Lake 
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