Upcoming Activities

The list below are the most important upcoming events. For a complete list of our events, including all socials, please check our up-to-date Facebook events: www.facebook.com/ZoukAmsterdam/events

May 1-29 - 18:30 -19:30 5-Week Zouk TECHNIQUE & CONNECTION Course with EVA Facebook event
Oct 2 16:30-19:30  ⒷⓏⒶ Accelerated ZOUK Beginner Bootcamp with Gert & Eva  Facebook event
oct 9 14:45-19:45 START ⒷⓏⒶ Zouk Courses (all levels) with Gert & Eva    Facebook event

Regular Zouk Parties in the Netherlands 

For an overview of all the zouk events in NL check the following FB Page (table below is from before corona): https://www.facebook.com/NLZoukPartyAgenda/events